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By promoting and marketing our tours you can easily gain 10% commission from sales

Our tour company offers a special 10% commission program for schools and all other educational institutions who promote and refer tours to their students in 3 easy steps:

1) Promote and refer our tours to your students or group leaders.

2) Emphasise to students to input place of study when booking. Or book tours on their behalf.

3) We will notify monthly of referral commission. On receipt of an invoice from you, we process payment.


Essentially, whenever one of your students books a tour with us and indicates they attend your institution in their booking data, you earn 10% of what they paid. 

It allows you to easily offer extra-curricular activities while making commission at the same time.

We look forward to collaborating together.


  • No account or login needed

  • Promotional materials available

  • Tours can be booked on students' behalf

  • Include school name on booking for commissions

  • Full tour itineraries available online (on “buy ticket” page)

  • Tickets are printed and emailed at the end of sale, displaying all needed details

See our terms and conditions (i button from top menu icons) for more information including about under 18's travelling or our cancellation policy.

Do I need an account or login with you?

No, all you need to ensure is the passenger enters their place of study when booking.

How will you know what we earned and how to pay us?

We will track the bookings and send information to you requesting you send an invoice demand to us for the calculated amount with the payment option you prefer.

How do I get any promotion material or information to give to students?

Contact us for a digital or hard copy of any posters or brochures we may have. The timing and itinerary are online for each tour that is available (buy ticket section).

Can we book on behalf of students?

Yes, this is encouraged if a student only has cash and unable to pay online. You may use the school card when paying online and take cash from the student. 

It will also ensure that commission is guaranteed by entering the place of study when prompted.

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